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MortgageClas & MortgageDat

Cloud based Document Classification & Data Extraction for Mortgage Loan Processing

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MortgageClas & MortgageDat

MortgageClas Processing

Ingest uploaded documents, Split, OCR, and Classify each document and deliver Classified Documents into the LOS, Lender Portal, or API Endpoint based on mapping MortgageClas’ 1,400+ document names to Lender document naming conventions all at an extremely high accuracy rate.

MortgageDat Processing

Extract data from Classified Documents originated from scanned or electronic documents such as Appraisal XML Files and deliver Data into the LOS, Lender Portal, or API Endpoint all at an extremely high accuracy rate.

MortgageClas Portal

Offers Real-time Processing Dashboards showing Documents Uploaded, Doctypes Classified, Document & Page Counts, Processing Times, Billing Tracking & Reporting as well as Doctype Mapping and Field Extraction Configurations all under control of a Lender Admin.

Direct LOS Integration

Upload Scanned or Electronic documents to MortgageClas from within an LOS, Lender Portal or MortgageClas API and receive Classified Documents back into the LOS, Lender Portal, or API Endpoint in minutes in a fully automated fashion.

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At ADROIT TEKNOLOGIES We provide amazing Services & Solutions for Document Classification & Document Data Extraction and more

We provide state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) document processing and content management systems able to integrate to currently existing infrastructure and systems to deliver process efficiencies and provide complete control and utilization of content from Origination through Delivery.

mortgageClass & mortgageDat

This system eliminates the manual labor-intensive process of splitting and indexing scanned documents into an LOS, Lender Portal, or Electronic Content Management system.

mortgageClass & mortgageDat

This system eliminates the labor-intensive process of data entering information from scanned or electronic documents into an LOS, Lender Portal, or Electronic Content Management system.

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The One-Audit system eliminates the manual labor-intensive process of comparing Loan Origination System Data to Pre-Closing, Post Closing, and Pre-Purchase Documents and Data Sources in order to identify discrepancies.

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Investor Delivery

This system provides a fully automated process to deliver
Imaged Loan Files
electronically to Investors, in their specific formats.

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Approved Appraisals

The Approved Appraisals system is a web based Appraisal Ordering Platform that Lenders can use
to continue to work with their approved appraisers in an
HVCC Compliant manner.

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Our Mission

More than 25 years experience

At Adroit TEKnologies, our first priority is delivering Value to our clients. We define Value as the combination of three components: Reputation, Equity, and Character.

Our proven Reputation in our industry inspires confidence and peace of mind; The Equity value our services add to your business is undisputed; Our Character is we hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We take full consideration of your business needs and greatly Value our relationship.

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Adroit TEKnologies has an extensive realm of clients. Industries we currently serve include

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Mortgage Companies, Banks, Credit Unions

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County Elections, Courts, Police, Fire, City Clerks Office, Public Works, Utility Billing

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Our reputable team of systems integration consultants at Adroit TEKnologies rely on extensive technical expertise to help business organizations of various industry backgrounds to streamline operations, improve process efficiency, improve profitability, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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